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Is a place where you can make and conduct your home accounting. Here you can easily and quickly plan your incomes and costs, watch your budget as well as learn to manage it.
And you can do all this on-line!

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Всё, что нужно Для ведения домашних финансов

Usability and easy to follow!

When developing the site, the main emphasis was devoted to usability and convenience. We tried not to overload the interface but at the same time give you a variety of tools. Our task was to make all necessary to be ready at your fingertips.

Mobile application

You can manage your family budget not only using the website but also via mobile phone. You just need to install the application on your phone and enter login and password you use for the website. Synchronization occurs in the background mode, you will not have to worry about it. Moreover, the application can run offline.

Multiuser mode!

You can easily join the members of your family for joint home accounting leading. You will have different accounts in the system, different user IDs and passwords, but the budget and statistics will be shared. To do this, simply combine the accounts into one family.


We do not need your names, passwords, passport numbers or dates of birth. You use the site completely anonymously; neither we nor third parties can get to know anything about you and your finances! Apart from the fact we know nothing about you, the website is protected with SSL key having the length of 2048 bit. Therefore, even if someone intercepts your traffic, it will take years to decode it.

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